A New Glorious Passover Exodus

index_0001I am resolutely convinced Christ is the apex of God’s revelation, the “be all end all” of redemptive history, Thus, I highly recommend this free ebook and its exalted view of Christ. In this penetrating work, my friend John Dunn displays a robust Christology, and supplies a nourishing, green pasture upon which we can graze. To give you a glimpse of what’s inside, John writes:

“In Christ, Old Testament shadowy pictures gave way to the grand New Covenant fulfillments. Fleshly type gave way to heavenly antitype. And earthly shadow gave way to eschatological reality. In short, all of the old redemptive paradigms were recapitulated as they achieved their fullest expression and escalation in Christ’s person and work.”

I whole-heartedly commend this study to all Bible students. As you read to your profit, your heart will leap as you learn of Jesus and His work, the Glorious New Passover Exodus! This is simply a must read for those who wish to more fully understand the message of the Bible, the Word, and the WORD!

Download your free copy here.