Eighty-one years ago, Krysten Getty’s grandmother wrote a prayer. Rich in biblical language and bleeding with devotion to Christ, I am compelled to use it here as I begin my new blog.  With the obvious change of a few words, I quote the prayer here verbatim.

“To the service and work of Christ do I consecrate this blog earnestly praying that everything written and prepared thereon may be done with the singleness of mind to His honour and glory.  May His divine presence grace the hours spent in study and may there ever be a consciousness that His Spirit is in the midst so that all I do or say, write, or otherwise may be acceptable by Him.

To Christ Jesus my Redeemer shall the praise and adoration be given.  Amen.”

And so with this blog, I turn the page on my life and ministry. Soli Deo Gloria!

Todd Braye