What Doesn’t Matter

“You will have heard many say they are not religious, though they have a relationship with God or Christ. I think I know what they mean by that. At least I have a sense of it, I think. And I think their intention is good in that they desire to capture and express the need Screen-Shot-2013-10-31-at-7.06.51-AMthat one must own Christ and His Work to be counted righteous. I share with them concern that Christ is a person with whom we must commune. But I am also convinced that such a stance overemphasizes the internal and subjective over and against the external and objective. And I also worry ‘relationship’ diminishes, if not denies altogether, the need for righteous living. So, a word of caution here: the phrase “relationship with Christ” is inadequate at best and vague at least. Even Legion had a relationship with Christ, though short lived. But Judas had a much more significant relationship. As it turned out, both relationships counted for nothing unto salvation” (The SGBC Pulpit Archives).